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tv   [untitled]    September 26, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PDT

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bid within the range of the estimate of work, and what would be the overall impact of going out to bid, and the delays associated with a bidding procedure which takes six to eight months verses going with the preset job contract. >> so can i -- >> well, we don't have a fixed scope of work; right? by the nature of the beast this is for work unidentified -- pretty small and not like you're bidding a scope of work. you're bidding a capacity to deliver a menu of work items. >> so can i interject? so there's a couple of things so one in the process as ivy stated one of the challenges is only a
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one firm can have one at a time so when the capacity is reached -- i think 95% of the contract then they're released to pursue another one so that is a limitation that others may would like to pursue are already in contracts. then it goes to the question well bidding and someone knows that they may be the only one how do we take the gouging or inflating the price or something like that, so one of the things we have experience with are what are the factors or multipliers used previously to ensure to have someone to perform the work? now, i think emilio is right in regards to once we get your multiplier then we know what the prices are because we have the prizes in the book. we have the multiplier so we can scope out the work and have a good idea of what the price
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would be, so in essence probably to answer your question is yes, we realize that it wasn't competitive, but i would imagine that multiplier that the contractor presented is sort of consistent with what the multipliers we were receiving in work of country. the work of country -- the multipliers are higher because there is a distance to travel going to hetch hetchy versus working in san francisco. is that pretty much correct? >> so you're handicapped by the pool and the nature -- >> the distance. i mean you're going to hetch hetchy. >> how many do we have for hechy? >> i don't want to tell you a wrong number but i can email you when i return to the office. >> more than five? >>i think it's less than five. one of the things that i know hetch hetchy wanted to do outreach that is try to get
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local contractors up there because when you bring someone -- either they have to travel all the way there and all the way back or they have to get housing, so that's why -- so anyway those are the challenges. >> and what is the -- i am sure it's sitting in front of me. what is the anticipate term of this? >> so with a jock contract there's a three year window and the city's only required to spend $50,000 of service for that contractor. if the city chooses or for whatever reason we do not have to use a contractor after $50,000. it's sort of like if they don't do it on time, the quality of work is poor we don't have to worry about going through a process of
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not allowing them to bid on our contracts by the nature of only having one active jock and we're not utilizing it and they can't go after another one because they have one currently is in essence -- as they say put them in the penalty box and not allow them to pursue other contracts so i think it's a good thing to have these contractors -- these contractors under the jok. >>i think that's a good point and having the $50,000. we had the safety valve. >> yeah, so the obligation to the contractor is three years of $50,000? >> that's the minimum. the other thing we were trying to do which the contractors is saying "okay if you use $50,000 but i am concerned about you tying up
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$3 million or $5 million in my bonding capacity for three years." that's for them is a big thing because they can't pursue anything because we tie that up so we talked about ways of reducing that down so those are the things we have been working on. >> would we get more bidders do you think if the catalog of biddable items was smaller? >> i think in this case the limit tends to be geographical because we use the same catalog for local work in the city and typically get three or four contractors interested in the same line of work. it's just the work -- as the director was saying it's not only it's up in hetch hetchy but if you're a contractor in that area and the work is at the reservoir it's still an hour drive to the
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closest town to the reservoir before you're on the job site. >> but that is on their dime; right? >> yes and that's why less are generally interested in the work. we generally see smaller contractors with smaller work and not what we do. the limit on our job programs is up to $400,000 and so that's -- >> per task. >> per task order so that's a pretty big contractor to take that on at one time and the capacity of doing multiple ones and we have different different areas so there doesn't seem to be the pool of that size contractor in that part of the state. >> i would also say in reaction to this bid we had meetings on planning outreach efforts, and really working within that region to expand our bidders'
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pool. >> and also perhaps looking at if a three year job requires tie up of capacity of $5 million which is a lot for a small firm maybe that's not the mechanism to produce interested bidders up country. >> let me make it clear that's one of the cash concerns and something we have been addressing. >> >> on the micro set asides we're setting up it's administratively streamlined and so we have the micro joks and it's a $3 million contract. the task orders are $400,000 which are nice sizes but we work with the city attorney requiring that bond requirement, not 3 million because if you think about it the bonding is for the completion of a project, and
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jok -- although the contract there is $5 million but each project is $400,000 and so we have been working with the city attorney not to tie up their bonding capacity. >> so we focus on bonding per task order on the micros. >> commissioner moran would you like this continued to the next meeting? >> aside from the fact i won't be at the next meeting. my interest is that -- let me ask one question and sierra mountain where are they located? >> up in hetch hetchy in that area. >> so they're a sonoma firm? >> they're sonoma i don't know their expect address but they're not a san francisco based firm. they are more regional. >> okay. >> sierra mountains --
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>> names are cheap. >> they're in sonora. you said sonoma. >> oh i meant sonora. i really hate one bidder contracts. i mean we don't have many ways of really -- >> [inaudible] >> -- fine tuning and making sure that we get the best bang for the buck. competition is one of the things that we have and when we don't have it it gives me real concern. we could do several things. we could continue it. we could reduce it to a one year contract at a lesser amount. we could have a more general discussion about how we get a more robust bidding pool for up country work for a variety of things we could do,
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and i guess i'm not wedded to any one of them. >> what you didn't mention is what was mentioned earlier and there is a separate criteria for these contracts that may be sole source that requires competitive pricing. did i hear you correctly? >> yeah. for example we can maybe -- well, i guess i am trying to think of what the best option would be. the commissioner is correct that we can the minimum we can use is $50,000 and we can use $50,000 in year three as long as it's over three years but i guess given that i don't think there is any work that is needed up country immediately. can we hold this to the next meeting because i just want to make sure that we come back and with
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information about why there's one? what efforts we're doing to try to address that? one of the challenges we're are working with the regional -- the regional group -- >> [inaudible] >> yeah, small firm advisory to try to do outreach to get more contractors. we actually pay for hrc to go up there and certify these firms so we're doing a lot of activity trying to get more contractors engaged so maybe if -- since i know you're concerned maybe we can hold it to the next meeting. >> now you're not going to be at the next meeting. >> right. >> so can it be held at the meeting after that? >> i will talk to you before the next meeting and if you have no objections i can report back. >> yeah, i would like to move this meeting along so i think we
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shouldn't make the decision now. >> sierra mountain is in tu walme california. >> thank you. >> well, my official last day is september 30 so you may not have a quorum if he's not present. >> oh no. >> sorry. >> my 60 day hold over period on my appointment expires at the end of this month too. i have been renominated but not reconfirmed. >>i would like you to know i spent a whole year once in holding. >> but they changed the rules. >> they changed the law. >> so now i can't serve -- it's not until replaced, confirmed. >> so we a single bidder and a single commissioner. >> [inaudible] >> we have a quorum. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i made my concerns clear. i
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think continuing it would be appropriate. and if i am here that's great. if i am not i will trust my fellow commissioners to do the right thing. >> okay. >> approved by the board. >> i'm sorry? >> you're approved by the board. >> we're working on that. [laughter] >> of course you will be. okay. so i need a motion to continue. >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor? opposed? the motion carries. so 11c is continued to next meeting. let's now address 11d. >> staff removed that. is that correct? >> correct. >> good afternoon. shelby campbell project manager. my apologies for the typo in the resolution. it's actually for preconservices so that's the wrong day. >> that was the only issue?
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>> pardon me? >> that's the only issue? >> yes. >> moved as amended. >> second. >> all in favor? opposed? the motion carries to amend. now i need a motion on the main resolution. >> so moved. >> second. >> public comment. >> public comment on the amendment. >> public comment on the amendment. >> i would like to move the main resolution. >> which is? >> we just moved the amendment and now this is -- got it. moved. >> second. >> do i have public comment? all in favor? opposed? motion carries. okay. item 12. >> item 12 approve the warnerville substation project and authorize the general manager to release of $3,143,000 in funds on reserve with the
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board of supervisors. >> any questions on this? >> i thought ritchie had left. move to approve. >> second. >> additional comments? all those in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? the motion carries. item 13. >> would you like public comment? >> oh public comment. seeing none item 13. >> item 13 authorizelet general manager to review the treasure island development authority and the puc. >> any questions, comments? >> move to approve. >> second. >> is there public comment on had one? all in favor? opposed? the motion carries. i have a question about treasure island. has that gone through yet? actually there's an economic development memorandum
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of agreement between the navy and tida to be transferred later this year and bob beck was here and he is not -- he will be back. he could explain that in more detail but basically this year there will be transfer of the property and we're dealing with issues like the drinking water permit for it and the discharge permits and making sure that our house is in order when things start to come to the city. >> thank you. okay. madam secretary before i ask for public comment on closed session. could you read the items. >> yes item 16 litigation between michael walsh and city and county of san francisco. next is brian hill versus city and county of san francisco. item 18 jean o'connell. item 19
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anticipated as litigation against defendant. next is city and county of san francisco versus pacific gas and electric company. 21 city and county of san francisco versus pacific gas and electric company. item 22 pacific gas and electric company versus the city and county of san francisco and item 23 will not be heard today. >> okay. is there any public comment on the items for closed session? seeing none -- >> i move to assert. >> second. >> all those if favor? >> aye. >> opposed? the motion carries . >> the commission is now back from closed session. i would
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like to read the following from closed session. item 16 settled of the item 17 and 18 settle d. item 19 no action and imrm items 20, 21, 22 and 23 were taken off calendar, so may i have a motion to whether to disclose discussions of closed session? >> move not to disclose. >> second. >> all those in favor? the motion fails. any new business? >> [inaudible] >> thank you. >> and did you have some new business? >> i did. i had request for two agenda items hopefully the next meeting if possible. the second one we could wait a
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meeting and the first is the bay side tunnel -- central bay side project and the other is -- i understand there was an interesting report that was ree leased on sea level rise and capital projects so i would like to know what that is about and the implications are. >> okay. >> any new business? hearing none this meeting is adjourned at 4:11 .
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regular meeting the regular meeting of the board of education of the san francisco unified school district for september 23, 2014, is now called to order roll call please. mr. haney ms. maufas ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sartipi's president fewer ms. sin at and mr. chin please join me in the allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all
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so also doing public comment so - thank you okay. this is approval of the board minutes of the regular board meeting of september 9, 2014, motion and second please. roerment. >> ms. sonata mr. haney mr. chin ms. maufass ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton ms. wynns president fewer 6 i's
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thank you presentation to the board of education superintendent carranza thank you and this coming saturday we'll be having our second reinforcement conference on denman school it brings together families to be involved in air children's education and 10:00 a.m. the conference begins martha will, our keynote speaker about ways to have teachers resilience in the early education our equality department and office of family and community lead and annexed our community partners in organizing this great event please note that r.s.v.p. is for
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childcare you can go to the website family conference or call 415241 6185 for spanish or or english and another one for chinese this saturday september 27th at 9:00 a.m. james middle school i wanted to announce at the beginning of the school year this is a story that is important for our public to know a student at washington school was diagnosed with a physical sdanlt and didn't want to go to school the nurse take action to meet with the school counselor and cropped the efforts with the support team the is the is now
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thriving at the school and excelled and attending regularly this is one of the examples how nurses from the sfusd support our ask the in a confidential way for students to participate in school nurse boyer school is one of the nurses and thanks our our enrichment education fund the number of nurses has doubled from 10 years ago this november we'll have an opportunity to reauthorize peace on the booklet that provides millions of delores to our school program and also this past friday i along with vice president dr. murase and the superintendent as well as other staff members including our chief academic officer attended our indian ceremonies and also our
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commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell was there as well the indian education has a new home on sanchez elementary school that has traditionally native american food and thank you for the education with our indian education are coordinator for the event it was a true community present e event and took uppermost of the playground with all of us in attendance with that dr. murase let's have a great next week and back to you president fewer. >> thank you superintendent i understand also you have an agenda announcement. >> yes. thank you president fewer graduation up to date is being presented at a future meeting. >> thank you very much now item
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c the recognition and accommodations superintendent. >> thank you president fewer we have a special service ward for our interpretation united and i'd like to invite millie smith to come forward to read the service award. >> good evening, commissioners and thank you for this opportunity to present this award this very special service award to some incredible reinstates i want to address the interpretation unit their leader is here with tonya and lillian and i absolutely want to recognize those who folks if the unit who are here working together e tonight since they work nights and weekend to make sure that stakeholders have
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language capacity and margaret are some of the folks here today (clapping.) i think this a really great award one the units that when everything is working you don't notice them so sometimes they don't get the recognition this team has done great things to provide the services for the families of the school district and have worked hard together to insure that non-english speaking families have equal access to the languages they've worked hard to promote a capable team of continues improvement and social justice and took on the huge task of creating a glossary of education jonathan you know
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we have a lot of jargon so that was huge. >> and feinstein finally they've developed strong connections so we can expand the languages tagalog and vietnam are some of the languages. >> good evening, commissioners and the superintendent we're honored to receive the special award this means a lot to our team the interpretation team is lucky to have talented and committed employees our work is not easy it is some
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translations some clients e think we translate but it is carefully done we have bad days but our interpreters strife to do the best once the interpretation start is in the background they get the message across and get us to meaningful conversations tonight we are being recognized and beyond gratified for the important work we do everyday we are proud to get this report card with the board of education and we'll share that with our coworkers that are